Thank You, My Readers

You have reassured me that I have purpose

Jo An Fox-Wright Maddox


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I want to thank the readers who have encouraged me over the last two years and let me know that they have been touched in some way by my words.

When retirement was thrust upon me four years ago, I was totally unprepared. Teaching had been my purpose in life for 34 years. I worked because I needed to earn a living; I taught because I loved it. I had intended to slow down by teaching fewer sections, but I had never intended to quit altogether. Never.

I had no game plan for retirement, no thoughts about what I would do when I stopped teaching. I tried making teaching videos on YouTube, but those didn’t go anywhere. I tried writing on a different site, but I didn’t like it. I took a test on editing. Can you believe I failed it? It turned out they didn’t want me to correct grammar or spelling. I have no idea what they did want me to do. All I know was that I didn’t do it.

So I started writing on Medium. I’ve never been boosted. I have never been recognized in any official way for being a good writer. When one editor told me to use “Grammarly,” I quit publishing on that platform. I’ll match my old skills with a computer program any time.

It is the comments of my readers that have kept me going, and it is the comments of one reader in particular — Lu Skerdoo — that have convinced me that I do have a purpose in life still. She’s not the only one — Art Bram, Jan Sebastian, 🖐👩‍🦰and DR Rawson - The Possibilist, among others, have also encouraged me. But it is Lu’s comments in particular that have touched my heart and given me the feeling that my writing and I matter. She will never know how much she has helped me, no matter how many times I say, “Thank you.”

Make sure you comment to the readers you enjoy and let them know they’ve touched you. You may never know how important you are to their self-confidence and sense of importance. We all need to know that our effort is appreciated and our words have had an impact.

You just might be giving a reason for living to some old, washed up teacher who needs a reason to still feel needed.

Thank you to all of you, but a special thanks to you, Lu.



Jo An Fox-Wright Maddox

Former English professor ponders life, love, and how to leap tall buildings in a single bound.