Sundays Were Days of Rest

Now every day is, and I’m bored

Jo An Fox-Wright Maddox
3 min readSep 21, 2022


Photo by Raul Macarie on Unsplash

When I was growing up, Sunday mornings were spent at church. There was not only the service but “Coffee Hour” afterward, where people visited and caught up on each others’ news.

Mom had usually put something in the oven for Sunday dinner, so we’d eat our big meal around 1:00 or so and clean up afterward.

For several years, Mom and my brother and sister and I would go to the “Y” for family swim for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Since my father worked at the “Y,” he chose to stay home and watch TV while we were gone.

We’d have a light meal for supper, then sit for the fun Sunday evening programs: “The Wonderful World of Disney,” “Wild Kingdom,” and “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Then it was off to bed early — school tomorrow.

When I was raising my kids, many of those years by myself, we didn’t attend church services, but we did use the day for relaxation. The kids (and I) finished up all our homework, and then we’d sit around the TV watching a movie on HBO. They often chose the movie; I was content to watch whatever they enjoyed, or they could watch, and I’d sit with a book in the living room with them. Again, then off to bed early — school tomorrow.

For the twenty or so years after the kids were gone, Sundays were days when I finished up grading papers and could read for pleasure for a change. I also had a computer by then and could spend time playing computer games or spend time on Facebook. Then off to bed early — school tomorrow.

Now I’m retired. I do attend church by Zoom, since the actual building is 13 hours away, and I get to see my cousins in the chat room after the service. By 1:00, my day is done. I can read, but I read every day. I can spend time on the computer, but I do that every day, too, sometimes two or three sessions’ worth. I can paint, but I paint every day — I’ve finished 17 paint-by-the-numbers kits, many of which will be Christmas presents this year. Sometimes, if I’m falling asleep over my book or in front of the computer, I’ll join Dave in the living room and “watch sports” with him. Nothing puts me to sleep faster than football unless it’s golf. I can sleep through just about any sports program. I just recline my chair, tuck the dogs in at my sides…



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